Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Power of Prevention Breakfast on Friday, Oct. 10

10.  It’s 10-10—where else would you be?
9. The Northwood Club in Dallas serves a great cup of coffee.
8. You’ll get to see some of the Online Auction items in person.
7. Emcee Scott Murray (former Dallas news guy, sports guy and all-round good guy) will keep you laughing.
6. You’re friends with a board member who knows where you live.
5. You want to see the power of prevention in action.
4. You’re related to one of the award recipients.
3. You want a selfie with Council Executive Director Debbie Meripolski.
2. You’ve heard that Dr. Judith Landau is a dynamic breakfast speaker who will start your day on the right foot,

And the #1 reason to attend The Council’s Power of Prevention Breakfast on Friday, Oct. 10 is

1.  You have a soft spot in your heart for the kids, teens and young adults in the Dallas area and you want to support efforts to keep them away from drugs.

9th Annual Power of Prevention Breakfast


 The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse is excited to announce that world-renowned physician, Dr. Judith Landau, will be the keynote speaker at our 9th Annual Power of Prevention Breakfast on Friday, October 10, 2014.

A bit more about Dr. Judith Landau

Dr. Landau has more than 30 years experience as a child, family and community neuropsychiatrist with numerous specialty areas like interventionist and holistic mind, body and spirit training (to name only a few!). Landau has a wide understanding of how childhood trauma, especially when addiction is involved, carries through to adulthood.

Her specialized approach meets trauma with resilience. Landau is co-founder, president and CEO of the Landau Network of Certified ARISE (Accessing Resilience in the Aftermath of Trauma) Interventionists and Linking Human Systems. Her work there follows a tradition of using cues, perhaps even from previous generations, to determine how a person reacts to trauma

She also serves as president of the LINC Foundation in Colorado, a nonprofit that promotes overall health and a reduction of self-destructive behaviors.

In a moving YouTube video about getting help if a person or family despairs about the disease of addiction, Landau said this, “Ask whether there’s hope, which there always is, and let’s form a partnership to get through this.” Don’t miss Landau’s talk during our breakfast on Oct. 10th.

Touching and Changing Lives

In the last year, The Council trained or provided direct services to more than 31,000 people in our community. In addition, we reached tens of thousands more by
1) providing resources/materials to students, parents and teachers;
2) conducting public awareness campaigns via community events, billboards, public service announcements, and media coverage; and,
3) educating teachers, counselors and parents who pass on their skills and knowledge to countless others.

Thank you for helping us continue to touch and change lives!

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Substance use disorder—known by many as substance abuse—is our country’s #1 health issue as contended by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids and other respected national organizations.

home-connect01In Dallas, the volume of health-related stories involving adolescents and drugs and alcohol is staggering. Yet, we are not helpless. There are ways we can connect. There are mobilization efforts and community coalitions raising their collective voices every single day across all sectors.

There is a tangible return on investment that includes the health, safety and productivity of children, families, and communities throughout many Dallas-area counties.

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“Substance abuse is the number one (preventable) health problem in America.” Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

“This program helped me want to go to school more.” Uriel, a student participating at a Gateway to College event

“They talked about real life situations. I was going through a lot of these problems we talked about.” anonymous student

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