The Council made a subtle but important change to our name. Sometimes terminology used in discussion of alcohol and other drugs can suggest that problematic use of substances are the result of personal failing; that some people lack the willpower or character to control their substance use. However, research shows addictive substances can lead to dramatic changes in brain function and reduce a person’s ability to control his or her substance use. Language is important. Even highly trained clinicians are more likely to assign blame rather than therapeutic measures when a subject is referred to as a “substance abuser” or an “addict.” Or worse. So here is the big concern. Negative bias, shame, and concerns about social, economic and legal consequences of disclosing problems with alcohol or drugs can deter individuals and their families from seeking help..

Consequently, the American Medical Association, The American Society of Addiction Medicine, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy are recommending that we all work toward reducing stigma by improving our terminology.  The Council’s Board of Directors recently approved the elimination of the word “abuse” from the Council’s name. And now that new name is legally registered with our Secretary of State. We are, simply put, The Council on Alcohol & Drugs. By this action, we are doing our small part to reduce negative bias AND negative impact.

About Us

For almost seven decades, The Council has served as the foremost community-based organization in North Texas offering substance misuse prevention and intervention services.
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Our Programs

Alliance on Underage Drinking, Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership, HIV Outreach and Prevention, Prevention Resource Center, Community Service and more.
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From gateway drug prevention, intervening in the lives of high-risk youth, handling HIV outreach or case management, or taking calls on the helpline, we’re there.
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Join us as together we prevent problems with alcohol and other drugs before they occur, intervene when they do and promote recovery for those who are already addicted.
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Information Helpline, Drug Guide for Parents, and Regional Needs Assessments.
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The calendar for The Council on Alcohol & Drugs.
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