Touching and Changing Lives

In the last year, The Council trained or provided direct services to approximately 32,000 people in our community. In addition, we reached tens of thousands more by
1) providing resources/materials to students, parents and teachers;
2) conducting public awareness campaigns via community events, billboards, public service announcements, and media coverage; and,
3) educating teachers, counselors and parents who pass on their skills and knowledge to countless others.

Our Impact

What difference do we make in the lives of kids and teens in the 19 counties we serve? Are their families and communities better off?

Are seeds planted, waiting to grow stronger in younger siblings and eventually, a new generation?

How do we help the folks who call our substance use disorder helpline? When one of our staff respectfully engages with a caller, how do we know we’re effective?

How can you know that we’re making a difference?

The answer is in the stories. People tell us how their lives have changed, how they’ve taken positive action after working with us.

We’re proud of our impact. Whether the situation involves gateway drug prevention, intervening in the lives of high-risk youth, handling HIV outreach or case management, or taking calls on the helpline, we’re there.

The Council is a moving, thriving force . . . and we could share hundreds of success stories, but instead we’ll share some common themes that emerged from the stories.

“I support the Council because of its impact informing the public on the dangers of alcohol and other drugs in the community. Because of the Council’s efforts, I am seeing an increasing awareness among teens, young adults and adults regarding the educational and social consequences of alcohol and drug abuse. Let’s ensure the prevention message gets out to everyone!!”

Sylvia Hubbard

Prevent. Intervene. Promote Recovery.

Join us as together we PREVENT problems with alcohol and other drugs before they occur,
INTERVENE when they do and PROMOTE RECOVERY for those who are already addicted.