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Trained specialists provide telephone assistance to callers matching their unique needs with local community alcohol and other drug prevention, intervention and recovery resources 214.522.8600 or Toll Free at (800) 246-HOPE (4673) Helpline services are available Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For alcohol and other drug information at other times, call 211. Click here for a Texas Mental Health website with information and resources for those who may have mental health or substance abuse related needs or who want to support someone who does.

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Regional Needs Assessment

The Annual Regional Needs Assessment is a product of the Prevention Resource Center Region 3. The report includes data related to substance abuse, related risk and protective factors, and related consequences and consumption patterns. Please contact our Regional Resources Evaluator at for more information on the types of data we collect.

2015 Regional Needs Assessment Executive Summary

2015 Regional Needs Assessment

2016 Regional Needs Assessment

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“We support the Council because increased education and awareness lead to prevention. Equipped with the proper tools, parents and teachers can effectively prevent problems before they start.” Laura Allis Vesely & Ben Vesely

“I became involved with the Council not only because of its programs aimed at preventing and reducing the incidence of alcohol and drug abuse, but also because of the innovative associated programs aimed at targeting issues faced by those whose lives have been affected by alcohol and drug abuse, such as HIV Outreach and HIV Early Intervention.” Monique Alexander

“I’m involved with The Council because my family has been affected by the ravages of alcoholism and substance abuse. I believe the full spectrum of The Council’s programs (i.e. Prevention, Intervention and Promoting Recovery) truly make a difference! It is critical to attack these problems at all stages, all ages. The Council can and DOES make a difference.” Leigh Files

Prevent. Intervene. Promote Recovery.

Join us as together we PREVENT problems with alcohol and other drugs before they occur, INTERVENE when they do and PROMOTE RECOVERY for those who are already addicted.

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